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Senate to Invoke Article 5 of the Constitution to Overturn Electoral College

Everyone knows that Trump won bigly, but the corrupt Democrats won’t admit it. They are parading around like they won the election, but their smug grins will soon be wiped off their faces as Republicans have an ace up their sleeve.

Senate Republicans are planning to use a little-known section of the Constitution, called Article 5. This article provides provisions for the Senate to overturn the electoral college if certain criteria are met.

The following is the text of Article 5, Section 3 of the Constitution:

“In the event of an unfair election, the Senate will be granted emergency powers. The Majority leader will be given the full powers of the Presidency for a term lasting no longer than two weeks.

During this time, the acting President will declare marshall law and appoint a military tribunal to tabulate the election results according to the will of the majority party in the Senate.”

This, of course, means that Senate Republicans would be fully in charge of the government for two weeks. During this time they can recount the election however they choose, thus allowing Donald Trump to be declared the winner of the election.

Republican Senator, Joe Barron, spoke to the Dunning-Kruger Gazette about the plan:

“We won the election and this will allow us to do whatever we want. We don’t care what the people want. It’s all about holding on to power at all costs.

We are the party of law and order and this is what the law demands. The Constitution demands it. We will have our very own Republican Reich.”

We can only hope that Republicans are successful in their plans to steal the election. The evil Democrats are sure to try some trickery to prevent Republicans from carrying out their Constitutional duties.



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